Compliant Office,
A regulatory compliant collaboration hub

Compliant Office is business email, conferences, calendars, chats, storage & documents. The only collaboration hub with built-in regulatory compliance, integrated and working together on one screen.

A modern and compliant office suite

Documents, files, internal communication, and web meetings have become a prerequisite for the modern workplace to function effectively. We offer all these tools in a single and integrated interface.

Company email and calendar
Web meetings
Team chat
Files & documents
Built-in compliance

Compliance in Compliant Office

Compliant Office and the infrastructure, ISO certificates, and security processes on which the service relies are designed based on adherence to European data protection legislation. With Compliant Office, you can be sure that your information is:

Stored in security-classified data centers within the EU
Only processed by a company based in Europe
Administered by security-classified personnel within the EU
Protected by EU data law
Is out of reach of authorities outside the EU

We are here for you

In contrast to many other tools for digital collaboration, we can deliver on its promise of regulatory compliance following our European data protection laws. Let us explain how it works, and let us help you focus on innovation through consultation, workshops, and training in:

General advice and comparison
Digital transformation
ISO 27001, 22301

Let us help you get started with compliant office!