Compliant Office Apps

TeamChat Mobile

TeamChat Mobile is iOS companion app to desktop TeamChat. Collaborate with your team using all the handy features such as comments, pins, mentions and file sharing. Nobody will tell you're following up on work from your iPhone.

Be on top of your projects

Don't sit still at the desktop. Follow your team's progress from anywhere and respond immediately. So they don't have to sit still either.

Gorgeous user interface

Gorgeous photos of nature make for a pleasant backdrop while intuitive swipes allow you to navigate the app without thinking about it.

Attach, pin, mention

The app seamlessly handles file and photo attachments, mentions, pins and comments. And gives you full control over rooms and their members.

Get notified

TeamChat Mobile notifies you of any updates to the projects you’re following. So you don’t have to worry about losing track.

Data privacy

Protect your business intellectual property with iPhone’s biometric measures such as Face ID and Touch ID.