Public cloud,
An open cloud for all your workloads

With Cleura Public Cloud (formerly known as City Cloud) you can get your infrastructure up and running in just a few clicks. Focus on building, testing and deploying your digital stack and launch your applications with full automation.

For business critical applications

Our public cloud can power any type of workload, whether container-based, serverless, or traditional. Use your favorite tools to automate. At the core, we offer global computing power, networking, and storage based on open source technologies which give you endless possibilities.

Container workloads

Containers are one of the most talked-about, and popular cloud technologies for a good reason. Of course, you can run containers in our public cloud. Just use OpenStack Magnum and Kubernetes to build your microservice architecture and deploy a distributed environment with high availability in no time.

Automation & CI/CD

Utilize cloud resources efficiently and don't spend time building and re-building complex environments. Instead, orchestrate your IT infrastructure with Heat and automate the entire stack with Terraform, Ansible, or other tools.

Object storage

Whether you need storage for data lakes, disaster recovery, or any other business application, you can easily connect all your data sources to our Object Storage and automatically store large volumes of data. Our Object Storage solution supports both AWS S3 APIs and the OpenStack protocol Swift.

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Use our price calculator to quickly estimate the hourly and monthly costs for your needs. Estimations shown here are based on our price list for our European regions. See our complete price list for detailed pricing in other regions.

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Public cloud features to build, scale and manage your digital stack

Running your workloads in the cloud is easy if you have the right tools. Here is a look at all of the tools we have to offer.