Trusted Cloud Integrators

Our trusted cloud integrators are service providers and consultancy firms with which we have a special relationship, one that stretches beyond a signed partner agreement. These are significant and influential suppliers of IT services that share our worldview, and they are essential in making regulatory compliant cloud services more widely available.

Choose your IT partner with care.

Cloud services, and IaaS in particular, are only one of the components in your digital stack. Many organizations outsource IT projects to service providers and consultancy firms because they need a holistic approach to their entire digitalization journey.

These are our trusted cloud integrators with whom we work closely. They offer our cloud services as part of their portfolio, and we utilize synergies between our companies. They all share our view of the world, and together, we strive to enhance European digital sovereignty and self-sufficiency by making European cloud services more widely available.


Iver is a leading Nordic digital transformation partner with strong multi-cloud capabilities. With a combination of dedicated experts, managed services and a true customer-centric culture we drive digital transformation, closing the gap between your aspiration and successful implementation. The promise to our customers is clear: We promise to always stay ”Beside you”, ”Behind you” and ”Before you”.

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