Compliant by Cleura

Compliant by Cleura is a collection of solutions, services, and applications that utilize our cloud services. Their infrastructure layer inherently processes and stores personal data in compliance with European data protection laws and regulations.

Choose your providers with care

Your organization needs much more than compliant IaaS to succeed with your digitalization journey. One of the most important things to consider when choosing an application or tool is its ability to protect your data according to European laws and regulations. All services, tools, and applications found here have one thing in common. They either rely solely on Cleura cloud services or utilize our services to offer regulatory compliant versions of their solution.

5G & Edge Compute

As we rapidly adopt a new generation of intelligent devices, enterprises increasingly collect and put more data to use to improve operations and power new customer experiences.

5G wireless technology delivers higher data speeds, ultra-low latency, massive network capacity, and increased availability. Combined with Edge Computing, an architecture that brings computation and data storage closer to the data sources, they can offer a more consistent experience to more users.


RADTONICS has developed a unique solution for private corporate wireless networks for 5G and Edge computing enabling ultra-reliable low latency and massive machine-type communications. By collecting data from millions of devices or sensors with a high focus on security, customers can make the most use of all data available. Combining all of this with Cleuras compliant cloud services, customers can be confident that all data is managed, stored, and processed according to local European data laws and regulations.

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