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City Network launches container service in City Cloud, with Kubernetes in focus

May 16, 2018
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City Network, a leading global public cloud provider, is now making it even easier for companies to pursue a multi-cloud strategy and manage containers. With the push of a button, customers can now create a Kubernetes cluster to orchestrate containers in one or more data centers, globally. The service is available from City Network’s data centers in Tokyo, Stockholm and Dubai, and will be rolled out globally at all the company’s data centers in 2018.

Regardless of whether customers use the public City Cloud service or Compliant Cloud, which is developed for companies that are more sensitive to regulations, users can now easily get started properly on orchestrating containers via Kubernetes. Even City Network’s customers using private clouds can have it installed.

“To manage their digital transformation while simultaneously preserving a high level of flexibility without being locked in, many companies will employ a multi-cloud strategy. This involves a broad programmable infrastructure such as bare metal, virtual machines and containers from multiple cloud suppliers. Many use City Cloud today as a base for their IT infrastructure. With a container service we further increase flexibility, scalability and efficiency,” says Johan Christenson, founder and CEO of City Network.

The container service is powered by the OpenStack project Magnum. It gives users the opportunity to deploy Kubernetes clusters separately or side-by-side with OpenStack. Users can leverage OpenStack to provision virtual machines and bare metal compute parallel to Kubernetes clusters. The service makes the Kubernetes orchestration tool available directly in OpenStack. Now that City Network is integrating this service globally in its data centers, customers can easily build an IT infrastructure based on containers – and specifically the Kubernetes orchestrator.

Interest in running containers in the cloud is great. To enable more companies to benefit from the flexibility and scalability, City Network recently launched the City Cloud Academy training program. One of the self-study courses in the program deals specifically with orchestrating containers as part of the Magnum project.