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Global cybersecurity challenger trusts City Network in its move to the cloud

May 18, 2021
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City Network, a leading global supplier of cloud services based on OpenStack, announced that the cybersecurity challenger Holm Security has chosen to run its vulnerability management services for the European market in City Cloud. In combination with regulatory compliance and strict adherence to European data laws, the opportunity to innovate on open standards was  critical for Holm Security in choosing City Network as it moves its services to the cloud. 

Holm Security is the European alternative in the field of automated and continuous vulnerability management. The company is growing fast with offices and customers in several markets in Europe and Asia. To further scale the business and focus on its core cybersecurity services, the company has taken a strategic decision to move from its existing co-location-based solution to a cloud IT infrastructure.

The company manages large amounts of sensitive customer data and performs vulnerability management for the public and private sectors. Adherence to strict regional and national data laws and regulations across Europe was therefore a key requirement in its selection of a cloud partner. The choice fell on City Network and its public cloud, City Cloud, whose IT infrastructure is built on open standards, is operated in Europe and the company is a European entity. 

Similar to the public cloud sector, our industry is also dominated by US giants. There is a need for local alternatives in vulnerability management, and this has become increasingly urgent following the Schrems II ruling. Holm Security is that alternative, and in strengthening our position as such, the move to the cloud is an important step. With City Network, we have a cloud infrastructure partner that shares our European challenger position. City Network also provides robust, compliant, and state-of-the-art cloud services to host the most sensitive data in the world,” said Stefan Thelberg, CEO of Holm Security.

Following last summer’s Schrems II ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), transfers of personal data based on the Privacy Shield Decision are illegal. In response to the ruling, Holm Security will launch a unique module in its platform enabling reports to be sent to customers when data is stored under US control, for example, in Microsoft Azure or AWS, and within the US geographically. 

“Storing data with some vendors, or within some jurisdictions, must be considered just as serious as having a critical vulnerability that enables access to a system – simply because both expose data to foreign powers, unauthorized individuals and cyber criminals,” said Stefan Thelberg.

At City Network, Johan Christenson, CEO and founder of the company, is looking forward to supporting Holm Security in building its business. He commented as follows: “Cybersecurity is at the very heart of any organization and society at large. It is an essential element when creating the future digital infrastructure for innovation and development in Europe. Therefore, we are thrilled to support Holm Security in its quest to build the European alternative in vulnerability management.” 

About Holm Security

Holm Security delivers unparalleled coverage and comprehensive insight with its unique three-layer vulnerability analysis covering network, systems andweb applications, as well as the end-user – which is usually considered to be the weakest link. The solution enables organizations to detect vulnerabilities, assess risk, and prioritize remediation for all assets throughout their infrastructure. For more information visit

About City Network

City Network is a leading global supplier of IT infrastructure cloud services based on OpenStack. The company delivers public, compliant and private clouds.

City Network is certified according to ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, 27010, 27013, 27017 and 27018 – internationally recognized standards for quality, sustainability and information security. The company’s services are available from more than 20 data centers around the world. With its Compliant Cloud, City Network ensures that customers adhere to demands originating from specific laws and regulations concerning auditing, reputability, data handling and data security, such as Basel, Solvency and GDPR. City Network is a part of Iver. 

For more information, please contact:

Johan Christenson, CEO and founder, City Network, a part of Iver
+46 733 31 21 36

Stefan Thelberg, CEO of Holm Security 
+46 (0)739-99 33 12