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One year after the transition to Compliant Cloud the technology department at SBAB has doubled its productivity.

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Training delivery

Courseware development

Technical documentation

The EU has made a stand

We have seen a groundbreaking shift in attitude towards European data sovereignty and protection of personal data during the last few years. With the dawn of the GDPR and the fall of Privacy Shield, Europe has made a stand, and governments and businesses have come to understand the risks of relying solely on cloud infrastructure outside the EU.

A prerequisite for innovation

Cloud computing is the very foundation of digital innovation, but innovation does not come automatically through cloud services. It infrastructure needs to be programmable, interoperable, and non-proprietary to give your organization all the prerequisites to innovate. Most importantly, organizations in regulated industries must ensure that their entire technology stack complies with European data protection laws and regulations.

Compliant Cloud is not all about programmable IT infrastructure

Compliant Cloud is not just secure IT infrastructure for enterprises but a complete concept in modern data protection. Programmable IT infrastructure as a service is a prerequisite for digital innovation and there are many such services available in the market today. However, delivering such a service while at the same time ensuring that European banks, insurance companies, government agancies and other regulatory challenged businesses can follow the law is what makes us unique.

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