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Programmable Infrastructure based on open source

Our OpenStack-based IaaS solutions can power any container-based, serverless, or traditional workload. We can offer these main features, whether you use our public cloud, compliant cloud, or private cloud.

Virtual Machines

Our virtual machines provides flexible and cost-efficient compute power for all of your workloads. Creating, booting, and scaling your virtual machines in Cleura Cloud only takes a few seconds, and you pay for the allocated resources by the second.

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Cloud Networking Features

Cloud networking features are essential to any virtual server. Therefore, we have included a wide range of networking capabilities in our cloud services. As a result, you can easily handle regional networking, routing, VPN, and load balancing straight in Cleura Cloud Management Panel. OpenStack Neutron powers the core networking features in our cloud services, and in short, they allow you to connect and scale your compute instances with ease.

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Cloud Storage

Cloud storage completes the trifecta of features that make up a virtual server at the core of any cloud infrastructure. We offer three types of storage features, block, object, and image storage, which can be used in various ways to build your infrastructure. Our storage features are powered by a set of OpenStack projects named Cinder, Swift, and Glance.

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Container workloads have increased in popularity over several years, and for a good reason. Running your workloads in a lightweight and containerized environment increases isolation and makes operating the underlying layer of virtual servers, storage, and networks easier. Container orchestration is available in two versions. One powered by the OpenStack project Magnum and one powered by Gardener

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Cloud Management & Governance

Cleura Cloud Management Panel gives you a good overview of your virtual infrastructure components. It allows you to build, scale and maintain your entire stack in one single interface and includes monitoring of your virtual machines. Orchestration is powered by OpenStack Heat, enabling you to design and launch your entire cloud infrastructure with code.

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Cloud Security & Compliance

Rock-solid physical and logical security is a prerequisite for us to be able to process your data safely. Redundancy, backup systems, and secure access to our equipment are obvious measures that we constantly improve to keep your data safe. Please read up on our other efforts and how we see regulatory compliance as one of our most essential features.

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Regions & Services

We offer our public, private and compliant cloud services in multiple regions.

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