Private Cloud

Private Cloud from Cleura is a turnkey solution for anyone needing a complete OpenStack-based cloud. We build your cloud from the ground up using the same hardware and other peripherals used in our public cloud and hand over the keys to your cloud management panel.
Take advantage of our expertise and years of experience in building advanced infrastructure solutions and cloud storage let us create and host your private OpenStack-based cloud in any of our data centers.

Your own dedicated cloud

Let us monitor your growth and scale your cloud according to your needs.

Multiple locations

Take advantage of our global network of data centers in setting up new clouds.


Get first class OpenStack support for your private cloud solution.

Traditional businesses are being challenged

The -tech challengers in financial services, insurance and healthcare are anything but traditional and take giant leaps in terms of the all important digital experience. The customers are not only demanding it, they are loving it. These days it's becoming commonplace for people to use third party payment services, insurance per mile driven and doctors appointments in the smartphone.

Cloud-native to the core, the challengers have a major advantage and they can put all their efforts and focus into innovating their core business. Programable it infrastructure is what gives fintechs, medtechs, insurtechs and others the ability to quickly adapt and meet their customer's needs for a seamless digital experience.

Let us tell you more

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