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In this case study you will get to know how one of the fastest growing conversational AI platforms, uses Cleuras Compliant Cloud to elevate its offer. is the inventor of one of the world's most scalable conversational AI platforms. The company, originally from Norway and now growing fast across the globe, enables enterprises and public sector organizations to automate customer service and internal support channels with chatbot technologies built on AI.

Working with customers in a broad number of industries,'s no-code conversational AI enables enterprises to build and deploy AI-powered virtual agents at scale for both first- and second-line customer support and internal use cases. Since the start in 2016, the company has offered its solutions both as a cloud service and on-premise installations. To date, the cloud-based version is by far the most commonly used delivery model.

Based on local data laws, regulations, and specific requirements from certain industries, specifically the public sector, decided to oversee its cloud delivery model and move from a single-cloud SaaS strategy to a multi-cloud strategy.
Some customers in the public sector have historically used our on-prem solution to keep full control over data processing and to avoid data transfers to third countries. However, as cloud adaptation has grown in general, regions, municipalities and governmental bodies have increasingly queried for the ability to utilize our chatbots as cloud services.
Hadle Ropeid Selsås, Chief Cloud Officer at explains
With this insight in mind, initiated a project to identify and adopt an additional IaaS partner as part of their multi-cloud strategy. By doing so, the company would fulfill the needs of the European public sector and their requirements to store and process their data with an European entity that can ensure that data is processed, stored and handled within Europe according to GDPR and other regional and data legislations. Above this, the digital infrastructure also needed to comply with's high demand on features and technical requirements.
It became clear to us, quite early on, that Cleura, and specifically its regulatory compliant digital infrastructure, Cleura Compliant Cloud, was the cloud partner we were looking for to fulfill ours and our customer's requirements
Hadle Ropeid Selsås explains
Built for heavily regulated industries such as banks, healthcare, insurance, and the public sector, Cleura Compliant Cloud is a flexible and programmable IT infrastructure. Johan Christenson, VP of innovation at Cleura and one of the masterminds behind the service, explains why Compliant Cloud plays such a significant role for certain industries.
It-infrastructure needs to be programmable, interoperable, and non-proprietary to give any organization all the prerequisites to innovate. But on top of this, and for specific regulated industries, most importantly, organizations must ensure that their entire technology stack complies with European data protection laws and regulations. In this context, Compliant Cloud is our solution to this challenge.
Johan Christenson
Image services have now been available from Cleuras Compliant Cloud for some time. So far, the collaboration has enabled several public sector organizations to make the most out of conversational AI technology.

One example is Region Västerbotten, which leverages to automate manual processes and free up time for more qualified work among its staff. Focusing on providing healthcare in a region in the north of Sweden, many automated processes contain a significant amount of personal data. As such, it was important for the region to operate its chatbot so that there is no risk of breaching either GDPR or OSL.

Erik Vallgren, project owner and digitalization architect at Region Västerbotten put his words on why Cleura mattered.
It is a big advantage that offers its service via the Swedish cloud service Cleura, which has built-in regulatory compliance and will not expose personal data to third countries. With on Cleura, we can benefit from the scalability and flexibility that the cloud offers in the project. In addition, the cloud gives us a clear cost advantage in that we can scale up the usage, continue to automate, and thus only pay for the capacity we use.
Erik Vallgren

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