Environmental Policy

By gradually adapting to more environmentally friendly practices, we strive to close material loops and minimize our impact on the environment. Our management is making environmental responsibility a priority by fully integrating it throughout the lifecycle of our products and services.
We consider the environment in every decision and incorporate the environmental work in the company. Laws and restrictions are considered a minimum requirement that we strive to go beyond.

We see the environmental work as an ongoing process and commit to act toward continuous improvements. By educating all our staff, we will raise awareness of environmental issues.

Through communication with stakeholders and knowledge from the industry, we will stay updated on new environmentally friendly methods and materials. We shall use environmentally friendly materials and chemicals and, in addition, inform and make demands on our suppliers in this regard.
We conduct our business in a way that:
Minimizes environmental impact and limits the risk of environmental damage through preventive work.
We do not cause damage or incidents that significantly affect our environment for our means.
Continuously reduces our environmental impact. We always take reuse or recycling into consideration.