Cleura Environmental Policy

Cleura Environmental Policy is part of our ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) and HCM (Human Capital Management) approach, which includes guidelines and efforts made within selected United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. At Cleura, we champion protecting and preserving our environment, deeply embedding our commitment beyond meeting legal standards.
Sustainability as a Core Philosophy: Our operations, products, and services are designed with an acute awareness of their environmental footprint. We adopt eco-friendly approaches to reduce negative impacts. We push for Affordable and Clean Energy by using and promoting cleaner energy solutions. Our efforts in Responsible Consumption and Production aim to make our processes more sustainable. We're serious about taking Climate Action and working to tackle climate change effects. Inline with Industry standards, the European need of Innovation, and with and OpenSource-based Infrastructure, we focus on building solid and environmental friendly infrastructure solutions.
Continuous Environmental Improvement: Our dedication to the environment isn't static. We regard environmental stewardship as an ongoing journey. We consistently elevate our standards by staying updated with the latest environmentally friendly methodologies, materials, and practices.
Education & Awareness: Empowering our team with knowledge is pivotal. We cultivate an environmentally conscious and proactive workforce by enlightening our staff on environmental concerns and best practices.
Proactive Supplier Engagement: Our vision of environmental responsibility extends to our network of partners. We set clear expectations, urging our suppliers to align with our commitment to sustainability.
Open Communication: Collaborative efforts amplify our impact. Through interactions with stakeholders and industry peers, we're staying updated and influencing the broader environmental conversation.
Zero Impact Vision: Our aim is harmonious coexistence with the environment, where our operations leave only positive imprints, advocating for preventive, eco-positive action over-reactive measures.
Leadership and Shared Responsibility: At Cleura, environmental excellence is a collective endeavour. While our leadership commits resources and sets the direction, every Cleura member, irrespective of role, shares in the responsibility. Together, we strive to be responsible stewards of the environment.

Our relentless pursuit is to operate in a manner where our environmental impact is perpetually diminishing our emissions. Whether through reuse, recycling, or introducing innovative solutions, we aim to coexist harmoniously with the environment that sustains us all.