Supporting education and accelerating regulatory compliant cloud adoption in the research community

We are a selected supplier for the Open Clouds for Research Environments project (OCRE). The project makes our cloud services available for researchers and research institutions all across Europe. This is an important way for us to support the future development of Europen research and digital innovation with open it infrastructure.

The OCRE Cloud Framework and OCRE Cloud Catalogue supports state-of-the-art research. It explores new ways to procure, fund, and use in-demand digital solutions while benefiting from volume discounts. In short, this allows research institutions to avoid bureaucratic barriers that prevent researchers from easy access to cloud services.

A Programmable, Compliant & Open Cloud

We provide scalable and cost-effective cloud services

With our public cloud platform, you get instant access to global computing power based on open source with complete control of where and how your data is stored. For workloads containing highly sensitive data, governed by specific regulations, we offer Compliant Cloud with built-in regulatory compliance.

Elastic Computing

Create VM's one by one or in bulk. Package installer for LEMP, LAMP, MySQL and more.

Global footprint

Build your infrastructure across multiple data centers seamlessly. Store data where you need it.

Public cloud API

Use our REST API to control native features such as user access, privileges and other features.

OpenStack API

Use the native OpenStack API to control and automate resource allocation across our network of data centers.


Orchestrate your IT infrastructure with Heat and automate the entire stack with Terraform, Ansible or other tools.

Management Panel

We built our Cleura Cloud Management Panel for ease of use! All using OpenStack APIs of course.

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