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City Cloud OpenStack leaves beta and brings the power of OpenStack to Europe

March 2, 2015
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Today City Network announced the public launch of their OpenStack-based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) City Cloud over multiple data centers in Europe. In doing so, the company is enabling existing and potential customers to take full advantage of this open, flexible and secure platform.

– We are the first European vendor to make the infrastructure platform of the future available to businesses in multiple European data centers, says Johan Christenson, CEO of City Network. By doing so we become a clear alternative for all companies and organizations that are looking for an open and secure infrastructure platform based on open APIs.

– A broad set of companies are embracing OpenStack for public and private cloud implementations, said Jonathan Bryce, executive director of the OpenStack Foundation. With City Cloud now being launched on OpenStack, we have another strong European provider offering IaaS on OpenStack and across multiple data centers. It broadens the footprint of OpenStack-powered cloud services and ultimately provides users more choices.

According to a survey conducted by City Network among the companies and organizations that beta tested City Cloud on OpenStack, 36% of the respondents emphasized scalability and 31% cost effectiveness as the main benefits. An overwhelming majority (76%) also indicated that they from now on likely, or very likely, would use the OpenStack platform for most of their IT infrastructure.

– This is exactly what we aimed for. Scalability and cost advantages were decisive factors when we decided to offer our Infrastructure as a Service on OpenStack. Interoperability and open APIs are other crucial parts of the platform. It is important to make sure customers do not get stuck with a single provider and they can work with their in-house data centers. Working with innovations that gives our clients a competitive advantage has always been at the core of City Network’s mission, says Johan Christenson.

Revenue from cloud services that are hosted on the OpenStack platform is one of the fastest growing areas within the IT industry. 451 Research estimates that revenue from services developed on the platform will increase from the current $883 million to over $3.3 billion in 2018*. A majority of all major universities and research bodies supports the platform, and large international companies also use it for their business-critical applications both in the cloud and on premise. The development of the platform is directed through The OpenStack Foundation, a strong development community supported by most major hardware and software companies in the world.

City Networks’ cloud-based infrastructure service, City Cloud, enables customers to buy server capacity, storage, backup and monitoring as needed. City Cloud is available in several locations in Europe; the capacity can easily be scaled up or down as required of a fully redundant infrastructure across multiple data centers. The service is managed through an easy to use web interface.
*451 Research’s Market Monitor & Forecast, OpenStack September 2014.