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City Network becomes Cleura

April 12, 2022
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  • Today, the European cloud provider City Network announced that it becomes Cleura. 
  • The new brand is part of the company’s growth strategy to provide a European cloud infrastructure for digital innovation, enabling companies, societies, and individuals to make the most out of digitalization without sacrificing data privacy. 
  • The company also announced a new collaborative business model with a digital ecosystem consisting of both solutions built on Cleura’s regulatory compliant infrastructure and IT solutions partners offering Cleura’s cloud as part of their services. This model is designed to enhance Europe’s digital sovereignty.  

”Cleura symbolizes our role in a united European path towards a sustainable digital future characterized by fundamental human rights, European self-sufficiency, and digital sovereignty. This new beginning embraces our history and embodies our vision for a brighter future in innovation, businesses, and people”, said Jim Johansson, CEO of Cleura.

With its public, private, and compliant digital infrastructure cloud services, Cleura’s services are developed on open-source technology with built-in privacy and regulatory compliance. Cleura, available through multiple cloud zones across the world is used as an innovation and deployment platform for many companies and public sector organizations. 

“Ever since starting the company ten years ago, we have been obsessed with developing a technology leading cloud that serves as the base layer for all forms of European innovation. Ultimately, Cleura is all about providing a digital platform that ensures that the ongoing technological transformation doesn’t happen at the expense of the privacy of the very people it serves”, said Johan Christenson, Founder of Cleura and VP Innovation

With its regulatory compliant infrastructure as a service (IaaS) as the foundation, Cleura is committed to building a digital ecosystem with like-minded solutions partners in Ai, security, IoT, 5G, GPU, and many more. Moreover, with the increased focus on data privacy, compliance, and regulations, several IT solutions partners already offer Cleura’s cloud to its customers. As part of its growth across Europe, partnering with leading European and local consultancy companies is critical in making Cleura more widely available. 

“We believe that helping organizations to use European tech for innovation requires a new and collaborative business model – a model that enables many companies to take part. Such a model not only builds a strong and competitive European tech industry, but it also broadens the scope of choice for customers,” Jim Johansson comments.

Cleura’s IaaS services consist of several different digital infrastructure cloud services. Cleura public cloud is a highly automated digital infrastructure for building, testing, and deploying any application. With Cleura compliant cloud, organizations in heavily regulated industries and the public sector can leverage the advantages of the cloud with a total focus on data privacy. Cleura also offers private clouds where organizations can host their open-stack-based cloud. Furthermore, to meet the demand for a regulatory compliant collaboration platform, Cleura offers Compliant office, the first regulatory-compliant collaboration platform in the EU. 

About Cleura

Cleura is the European cloud, offering fully automated digital infrastructure services for companies that want to innovate without sacrificing data privacy. By delivering compliant and secure infrastructure technology built on open-source, Cleura provides organizations with a sustainable foundation for innovation with complete control over their data. As a part of Iver, Cleura is headquartered in Sweden with cloud zones across the world.

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Jim Johansson, CEO of Cleura
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Johan Christenson, founder of Cleura and VP Innovation
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