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City Network co-founder of global open source foundation

October 19, 2020
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City Network, a leading global supplier of cloud services based on OpenStack, joins Ericsson, Red Hat and AT&T as one of the founding members of the Open Infrastructure Foundation that is launched today.

The Open Infrastructure Foundation is an evolution of the OpenStack Foundation and will support several open source projects for digital infrastructure. The global organisation will initially support five open infrastructure projects; OpenStack, Airship, Kata Containers, StarlingX, and Zuul. In addition to this, it will also support new open source projects, including OpenInfra Labs and Magma.

– As the digital transformation continues, digital infrastructure plays a crucial role as the foundation of innovation. Increasingly, organizations are keen to build their applications on an open and flexible platform ready for the future. In this development, OpenStack will continue to be an important platform alongside other open source platforms, said Johan Christenson, founder of City Network and board member of the Open Infrastructure Foundation.

To better support and lay foundation for new innovation, the Open Infrastructure Foundation aims to gather all open infrastructure projects under one umbrella. The purpose of this is threefold. First, the foundation will continue to support in legal and structural aspects enabling a strong base for any open source project. Second, it will drive attention to the projects, thus enabling more organizations to implement the different platforms in their digital innovation. Third, for open source projects to develop and thrive, maintenance and continued development is crucial where the foundation is a larger enabler.

– Open source projects are the fundamental building blocks in the European cloud alternative that we are creating. As firm believers and advocates for the core values of open source, it is second nature for us to support the Open Infrastructure Foundation actively and contribute back to the communities that our business relies on, said Johan Christenson.

Johan Christenson, who has several years of experience in the OpenStack Foundation board, will become a board member in the Open Infrastructure Foundation. Jonathan Bryce, executive director of the Open Infrastructure Foundation, is looking forward to City Networks continued support.

­– The vision of the Open Infrastructure Foundation is focused on building communities that write software that runs in production, said Bryce. City Network is an excellent example of a community member that has contributed materially to the development and advancement of open infrastructure software in production, and it’s gratifying to see their commitment to the goals of our community. We look forward to the continued engagement and contributions from City Network as we build the next generation of open infrastructure software, together.

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About City Network

City Network is a leading global supplier of IT infrastructure cloud services based on OpenStack. The company delivers public, compliant and private clouds.

City Network is certified according to ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, 27010, 27013, 27017 and 27018 – internationally recognized standards for quality, sustainability and information security. Its services are available from more than 20 data centers around the world. With its compliant cloud, City Network ensures that customers adhere to demands originating from specific laws and regulations concerning auditing, reputability, data handling and data security, such as Basel, Solvency and GDPR. City Network is a part of Iver.