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City Network launch City Connect – direct access to your data in the cloud

May 13, 2015
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City Network, one of the fastest growing IaaS companies in Europe, announced today the launch of City Connect, a private networking service for enterprises. City Connect enables fast and secure access to data in City Cloud, City Networks IaaS solution, and City Network data centres around the world as well as fast Internet access through the same connection. For enterprises, this opens up a whole new set of security services to protect core office networks and private data centres, for instance by utilizing DDoS protection.

– With the launch of City Connect we strengthen our position as a top-to-bottom supplier of cloud-based infrastructure services by adding solutions for increased security and speed, says Johan Christenson, CEO of City Network. As the first IaaS provider in Europe we now offer our customers the ability to build a global but private corporate network in a cost efficient and flexible manner based on their current needs.

– One of the greatest security threats that online services face today are so called DDoS attacks which means companies digital services and systems are brought down by deliberately saturate them with requests. With City Connect companies get access to extreme capacity and filtering options, that provide protection for both their data centres and offices, says Johan Christenson.

City Network has a strong position on the European IaaS market with the OpenStack-based IaaS City Cloud. City Cloud is available in several data centres in Sweden and Europe and is used by corporations and governmental institutions to gain the ability to purchase servers, storage, backup and monitoring whenever and wherever they need it. The allocated capacity can easily be scaled up and down according to current needs. With City Connect, City Network is adding yet another service to help their customers benefit from the full potential of a cloud-based Infrastructure as a Service.

City Connect is available as of today. Pricing is based on connection type, location and contract period. For more information, see