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City Network launches cybersecurity trainee program

March 25, 2021
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City Network, a leading global supplier of cloud services based on OpenStack, is launching a cybersecurity trainee program. As the European cloud alternative, cybersecurity and regulatory compliance is at the very heart of the company’s delivery, and its services are certified in accordance with the highest information security standards globally.

The six-month trainee program, which is fully funded by City Network, includes intense and targeted training and education in the professional implementation of cybersecurity. The program will commence in a few months and candidates who have successfully completed the course will be fully qualified in accordance with the System Security Certified Practitioner.

“We are committed to providing Europe with digital infrastructure for innovation. And we are doing so by applying the highest security standards, because it is only when innovation and security go hand in hand that the digital transformation can thrive. Therefore, we are investing heavily in security, and I am thrilled that we can now offer a unique cybersecurity trainee program for European applicants,” said Vida Ahmadi, Chief Information Security Officer at City Network and responsible for the trainee program. 

The digital infrastructure market is growing substantially across Europe, and the need for the region to increase its data sovereignty is a top priority for the EU. As part of this megatrend, City Network is building the European cloud alternative. To this end, the company is focusing intently on recruitment. In 2021 alone, the goal is to recruit more than 100 cloud experts. The trainee program will play a critical role in this, and will ensure the constant availability of highly skilled cybersecurity specialists. 

“Building a sovereign data infrastructure in Europe puts immense pressure on both the academic sector as well as the industry at large to increase the level of expertise relating to several aspects of the cloud, including cybersecurity. The trainee program is one way that City Network can contribute to this development,” said Johan Christensen, CEO and founder of City Network. 

For more information, please contact:

Vida Ahmadi, CISO at City Network, part of Iver
+46 723 155 003

Johan Christenson, CEO and founder, City Network, part of Iver
+46 733-312136