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Cleura adds compliance advisor to its cloud offering

March 15, 2023
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Cleura, the European Cloud  announces today that Arman Borghem joins the company where he will have a role as a strategist and compliance advisor for regulatory compliance in the cloud. Arman comes to Cleura from the Swedish Tax Agency where he worked in the cross-functional cloud group that works with advice on cloud issues for the authority.

“I am delighted to join Cleura, a responsive, innovative leader in the European cloud market. The company has long demonstrated that compliant cloud services are entirely possible”

Arman Borghem

Arman goes on to explain the challenges that many public agencies and companies are facing today, with increasingly complex technology and legislation. At the same time, the need for cloud services to maximize the use of data and the possibilities of digitization has never been greater.

“At Cleura, I will help make the laws of our digital age comprehensible and get more organizations to realize there are cloud services that are both legally sustainable and functionally at the forefront. One important aspect is of course the right to privacy and protection of our personal data. Another is that organizations retain control over their information. These pillars of sustainable digitalization can be combined with modern cloud services, as Cleura has long demonstrated.”

Arman Borghem

Arman has a law degree from Stockholm University where he specialized in IT law and public procurement law. Prior to joining the Swedish Tax Agency, Arman worked as a Procurement Officer within software and cloud at Sweden’s National Procurement Services, a major central purchasing body.

“We are delighted to welcome Arman to Cleura. Through his experience from cloud services in the public sector, he will contribute with valuable knowledge to Cleura internally and to our customers”

Jim Johansson, CEO of Cleura

About Cleura

Cleura is the European cloud, offering fully automated digital infrastructure services for companies that want to innovate without sacrificing data privacy. By delivering compliant and secure infrastructure technology built on open-source, Cleura provides organisations with a sustainable foundation for innovation with complete control over their data. As a part of Iver, Cleura is headquartered in Sweden with cloud zones across the world.

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