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Digital innovation and sovereignty drivers for Cleuras growth

June 9, 2023
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Cleura, the European Cloud, presents a strong result for 2022 with both revenue growth and higher profits than last year. The company, headquartered in Karlskrona and last year changed to its current name Cleura, has taken many steps to give more people access to the company’s cloud services for digital infrastructure.

In a European market characterized by an ever-increasing focus on building digital sovereignty, it is a combination of the innovation opportunities created by Cleura’s cloud services and the ability to comply with regulations and local data laws that are driving growth. In 2022, the company turnover was almost SEK 120 million, which is an increase of about 15% year on year, and it made a profit of just over SEK 7 million.

We are working hard to build the European cloud. In essence, our work is about providing businesses, the public sector, and individuals with a modern platform for innovation that ensures that digitalization does not come at the expense of people’s privacy“, says Jim Johansson, CEO of Cleura.

Swedish Cleura is a European player in the global cloud market. According to a recent report from the analyst firm Gartner, it is expected to have a staggering turnover of USD 597 billion in 2023. The shift to using cloud services instead of its own data centers to deliver all IT services is driving growth for both the cloud market in general and for Cleura.   

A few American tech giants dominate the market for cloud services for digital infrastructure. However, the EU has recently pointed out the importance for the region to increase its self-sufficiency in cloud services to ensure a secure base for digital innovation and protect personal privacy.

A development that benefits Cleura explains Jim Johansson, who sees significant growth opportunities for Cleura. And it is both increased focus on the partner business, corporate customers, and the public sector that are on the agenda.

“In particular, the public sector is leading the way and demanding that their suppliers do not transfer data to third countries. This has driven a transition where SaaS and PaaS companies that want to deliver to the public sector now operate their services in Swedish clouds, and that’s particularly true for Cleura“, says Jim Johansson.

He continues: “As more and more service providers, authorities, municipalities, and companies base their operations on cloud technology subject to European data protection laws and regulations, we contribute to both building Europe’s digital sovereignty and increasing the power of innovation.”

Its customers include large companies such as Folksam and Nexus and SaaS and PaaS providers such as, Scrive, Frends, and Medituner.

The company’s public cloud Cleura Cloud and the cloud service with built-in compliance, Cleura Compliant Cloud, are available to customers across Europe, North America, and Asia. In addition, the digital infrastructure is delivered from multiple cloud regions in Sweden and Europe.

About Cleura

Cleura is the European cloud, offering fully automated digital infrastructure services for companies that want to innovate without sacrificing data privacy. By delivering compliant and secure infrastructure technology built on open-source, Cleura provides organisations with a sustainable foundation for innovation with complete control over their data. As a part of Iver, Cleura is headquartered in Sweden with cloud zones across the world.

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