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Folksam selects City Network to provide infrastructure as a service

February 1, 2016
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City Network, one of Europe’s fastest growing providers of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), today announced that Folksam, one of the leading insurance and pension savings companies in Europe, chose City Network as their IaaS partner. Folksam recently implemented a new IT strategy which includes an increased focus on IaaS. This led to the procurement of cloud services for the companies IT-infrastructure and Folksam selected City Networks’ service City Cloud for Bank & Finance.


City Cloud for Bank & Finance is dedicated to the financial services industry, and other companies with regulatory requirements for high security, and fulfills several important security measures as well as ISO certifications. The service is based on the open OpenStack platform which was one of the important requirements and reasons why Folksam chose City Network.


– City Network meets all our requirements for availability and security, which are key parameters as we are shaping Folksam for the future, says Gunnar Fröderberg, CIO at Folksam. The combination of an attractive pricing model and the ability to make sure that we can follow all the rules and regulations that our industry is subject to were key reasons for choosing to partner with City Network.


Initially, Folksam will use City Cloud for Bank & Finance to run development of services linked to The agreement, which is ongoing, means that Folksam can acquire the capacity it needs at any time.


– Our goal is that all companies and organizations should be able to take full advantage of a cloud-based infrastructure, says Johan Christenson, CEO and founder of City Network. We are proud of our ability to build services that can cater for the needs of such a demanding industry and thrilled to see that Folksam, one of Europes largest insurance and pension companies, selected our platform.


City Cloud for Bank & Finance was launched in 2015 and is a high security IaaS for companies who are subject to regulatory requirements for information security, management and traceability. In short, the service enables financial institutions to use a true IaaS with a pay-as-you-go model. Both the physical security of the data centers where the service is located, and the requirement for logging, monitoring, and traceability, meet regulatory and industry-specific security requirements such as Solvency 2 and Basel 2.



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