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HiQ partners with European cloud challenger City Network

June 16, 2021
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Today, City Network, a leading global supplier of cloud services based on OpenStack, announced a partnership with HiQ, one of the leading tech consultancies in northern Europe. With this agreement, HiQ adds City Network’s public City Cloud and regulatory Compliant Cloud as a base for its clients’ digital transformation. 

HiQ helps private and public sector organisations with digital services, from concept development to implementation. Providing cloud platforms for the development, deployment and delivery of its solutions is a crucial part of these operations. In this context, the partnership with City Network and the opportunity to provide its public and compliant cloud services as a base for customers’ digital innovation will play an important role. 

“City Network and its open and flexible cloud services play an important role in the market and is strategically a great contribution to the cloud bases we’re offering at HiQ. Their compliant digital infrastructure makes it possible for organisations in heavily regulated industries to make the most out of the cloud. In combination with their European-based public cloud, the partnership enables our customers to innovate without compromising integrity,” said Peter Sognefur, Business Line Director, Business Critical IT / Vice President, HiQ Sverige. 

As a provider of public and compliant cloud services based on open-source with built-in regulatory compliance and rooted in Europe, City Network enables its customers to innovate in the cloud while still complying with Europe’s strict data laws and regulations.

“I am thrilled about the partnership we announced today. HiQ has a strong position in the market, and principles such as innovation and integrity are values we share between our organisations. Together, we will enable more organisations to build their digital success on open and flexible European IT infrastructure,” says Johan Christenson, CEO and founder of City Network.

About HiQ

HiQ simplifies people’s lives by using tech, design and creativity to build smart solutions, businesses and brands. HiQ is convinced that tech development is the best way to make the world better, sustainable, smoother, safer – and more fun. From four guys in 1995, HiQ is now a tech consultant company operating in five countries, with close to 1,600 brilliant coders, creatives and businesspeople. Owned by Triton since 2020, HiQ is based in the Nordics, but its solutions have an impact all over the world.

For more information, please contact:

Johan Christenson, CEO and founder, City Network, a part of Iver
+46 (0)733 31 21 36

Peter Sognefur, Business Line Director, Business Critical IT / Vice President, HiQ Sverige 
+46 (0)734 48 14 67