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Launch of world’s first EU-compliant office suite

February 19, 2020
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City Network, a leading global supplier of cloud services, has today launched Compliant Office, an office collaboration and productivity tool with built-in regulatory compliance. The service, which includes e-mail, team chat, calendars and documents, is based and operated in Europe and governed solely by European data legislation.

“This is an important day for digital development in Europe. Today marks the launch of the first regulatory compliant office suite which is built, based and operated in Europe. As such it adheres to the highest security and regulatory standards and keeps sensitive data out of reach for foreign governments” says Johan Christenson, CEO and founder of City Network

Compliant Office is an easy-to-use and regulatory compliant service for both public and private sector organizations featuring high security standards while still providing opportunities for digital innovation.

“Across the EU, politicians, the public sector and industry organizations have been very vocal about the need for cloud services and there has been much debate about the legality of their use. Some public organizations have even conducted their own risk assessments and actively chosen not to comply with current legislation. The launch of Compliant Office will enable organizations to abide by our laws and regulations and the service positions itself as a clear alternative to services such as Office 365,” says Johan Christenson.

Compliant Office is a cloud service operated from City Networks’ Compliant Cloud infrastructure service. The service is delivered from secure data centers, certified and scoped in rigorous processes to adhere to local and European data protection laws and regulations. Information in Compliant Office is securely stored and processed within the EU, managed only by City Network, a European entity, and administrated only by personnel who have been background checked in accordance with national data protection laws such as the Protective Security Act in Sweden.

With its competitive pricing of EUR 24.95 per user and month, Compliant Office is a cost-effective tool for any organization. City Network will offer the service with full support and it will initially be available in English and Swedish.

“Regardless of whether the service is used by a municipality, an enterprise or a school, the e-mail, chat, documents and calendar features forms the foundation of Compliant Office. These features must fulfill three fundamental requirements. The services should be easy to use, cost effective and, most important of all, users must rest assured that their information is stored and processed in a secure and safe way, fulfilling all regulatory requirements. These three pillars have been our guiding principles when building Compliant Office,” says Johan Christenson.


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