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Region Västerbotten automates with and Cleura

September 6, 2022
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With 1/8 of Sweden’s total area and a population of roughly 270,000 in Region Västerbotten, the region’s approximately 9,700 employees are responsible for healthcare, public transport, regional development, and culture. To live up to today’s needs and prepare for future requirements focusing on cost efficiency and sustainability, digital development and automation of manual processes are a central part of the region’s strategy.

In the region, since 2020, we have run a project that we call Intelligent Automation,” explains Erik Vallgren, project owner and digitization architect at Region Västerbotten. “The project’s purpose is to identify processes and tasks in the business that can be managed by a digital assistant instead of our employees. Doing this, we free up time for our staff to focus on other parts of the business than repetitive manual processes“.  

So far, the project has automated approximately 60 different processes within various parts of the region’s operational area. Together, they have performed work equivalent to 220,000 hours, tasks humans previously performed. The project is very successful. The objective is now to increase the number of automations in more parts of the business.

For this work, the region has chosen’s chatbot operated on Cleura’s regulatory and Swedish cloud service Compliant Cloud.’s chatbot makes it possible for Region Västerbotten to build and deploy virtual agents on a large scale. At the same time, operation on Cleura’s cloud service ensures that the region lives up to local laws and regulations regarding data handling and privacy, such as GDPR and the Publicity and Privacy Act (OSL).

We have evaluated various chatbot alternatives during the project but have now chosen and their solution. In addition to being very easy to manage, has an excellent language understanding, which means that it can be trained and improved as we continue to automate. Overall, it makes the use very efficient,” explains Erik.

As many processes are automated in healthcare, where large amounts of personal data are handled, it was important for Region Västerbotten to operate the service in such a way that there is no risk of breaching either GDPR or OSL.

It is a big advantage that offers its service via the Swedish cloud service Cleura, which has built-in regulatory compliance and will not expose personal data to third countries,” says Erik.

He continues, “With on Cleura, we can benefit from the scalability and flexibility that the cloud offers in the project. In addition, the cloud gives us a clear cost advantage in that we can scale up the usage and continue to automate and thus only pay for the capacity we use,” concludes Erik.

Region Västerbotten chose at Cleura after evaluation and call-out, as well as implementation support from Atea. The implementation was carried out in the first quarter of 2022, and since April 2022, the new chatbot on Cleura’s Swedish cloud has been in operation.

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