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Compute instances

Compute is flexible and cost-efficient cloud computing power for all of your workloads. Creating, booting, and scaling your compute instances takes a few seconds, and you only pay for the allocated resources by the second. Compute is powered by OpenStack Nova and sits on top of our Linux servers, in separate installations for each location, to provide this core feature in our cloud services.

Provisioning of compute instances

Provisioning of compute instances (aka virtual servers) can be done in our custom-built cloud management portal or through the OpenStack API. Our cloud management portal is the perfect place to start your Cloud journey where you can easily create, scale, and build your stack from the ground up by utilizing our storage and networking features. With Orchestration and our powerful APIs, you can automate your entire server infrastructure with Cleura.

Compute instances

Compute instances using local storage


The benefits of deploying compute instances with Cleura


You can quickly increase or decrease capacity at any time to adapt to the needs of your applications and workloads. Our load balancing features allow you to maintain availability, and you can implement auto-scaling using OpenStack Heat and a monitoring tool of your choice.

Total control

Managing your virtual servers is no different from working with any other server. You have root access and can restart, upgrade, downgrade and interact with your servers.

Cost efficient

We offer various virtual server instances, which are all billed by the second. Start small and scale up and down as your needs change to balance costs and performance.