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Building the next generation of cyber security services using Cleura Cloud

February 27, 2023

Clavister is a pioneering European cybersecurity company that offers comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. Their latest addition to their extensive portfolio introduces a service platform that enables customers to purchase Cyber Security As a Service (CSaaS). The service platform is built and delivered on Cleura cloud.

First in a series of Cyber Security as a Service on Cleura Cloud

Clavister recently launched the first in a series of cyber security solutions, MFAaaS (Multi-factor Authentication), to their service platform that runs in Cleura Cloud. The first use case is Passwordless VPN which protects Clavister OneConnect users connecting to resources behind Clavister NetWall Next-Generation Firewalls.

With the growing complexity and increase in cyber security threats, organizations face severe challenges in keeping the same pace in their cyber defense work. At Clavister, we are committed to help our customers meet these challenges, not only with our technology and products but also with our people-centric cyber security expertise. Alongside providing our cyber security products in a traditional delivery model, we are now increasingly delivering our cyber security as a service. Our specialist will assume responsibility for the organization’s cyber security work, as their extended cyber team.

Nils Undén – CTO, Clavister

A shared vision of European digital sovereignty

In a two-year digital transformation project, Clavister developed and built the foundation for its current and upcoming cybersecurity services, including its service delivery platform. The development team focused on three principles:

  • Designing a secure-by-design service delivery platform.
  • Creating a cloud-agnostic solution with minimal infrastructure dependencies and no lock-in.
  • Providing best-in-class tenant separation to deliver its services cost-effectively with the multi-tenant delivery model.

Our vision is to become the leading European cyber security firm. In this capacity, it’s fundamental that our cloud partner shares our vision and thoughts on the importance of building European digital sovereignty, and that could be part of our growth journey. In Cleura, we have a partner that shares our vision and can grow with us across Europe.

Nils Undén – CTO, Clavister

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