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What is Cloud Training? The Importance of Hands-On Labs

March 14, 2024

Hands-on learning is essential to acquiring a solid skill set, so what is cloud training without solid hands-on labs? We would argue that it is about as useful as learning to ride a bike without having one.

To highlight our unique cloud training offering we recently made a total revamp of our open source cloud training storefront. While we were at it, we made some price adjustments, introduced bundles, and added FREE tutorials!

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What’s new on Cleura Cloud Academy?

Let’s dive in to the news and updates that we have been working on over at Cleura Cloud Academy.

General face lift

We have given the entire page a new and updated look and feel and some additional bells and whistles. Product pages now contain even more information about the courses including screenshots.

Cleura Cloud Academy Screenshot

Price updates on all cloud courses

We have sorted courses into two main categories and priced them accordingly. Beginner courses now start at €300 and Advanced courses start at €600 excl. VAT.

Cleura cloud academy - Cloud training price updates

Introducing bundles

Cloud course bundles is something we’ve been thinking about for a while. With this update we have introduced our first bundle. Of course, purchasing a course bundle comes with added savings so look out for more bundles over at Cleura Cloud Academy in the coming months.

Cloud training bundles

Free tutorials now available in Cleura Cloud Academy

As part of our offering you can now find free tutorials on Cleura Cloud Academy. Our tutorials cover specific use cases in Cleura Cloud. They generally require that you have a Cleura Cloud account, and that you are registered on Cleura Cloud Academy. Access to tutorials is free of charge, however any resources you create in a tutorial will be charged at our normal rates.

Check out our:

What is Cleura Cloud Academy?

Did you know that Cleura has a dedicated team who focuses solely on cloud training and documentation? Were you aware that we have a unique cloud training platform that combines tailor-made courseware and sophisticated hands-on labs? Did you know that it allows Cleura Cloud Academy to deliver unparalleled open source cloud training?

Cleura Cloud Academy is an interactive cloud training platform. It enables our customers, partners, and the open source community to become experts on Cleura Cloud and the technology that runs it.

The team built the platform on the Open edX learning framework. It consists of a number of services all working together in a Kubernetes container orchestration cluster. The cluster in turn, is running on the Cleura Cloud OpenStack infrastructure. All constituent components of Cleura Cloud Academy are open source software and our courses cover much of that very same technology.

Who built the Cleura Cloud Academy platform?

Our Educational team is a group of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the technologies that our online course catalog covers. They are all open source community contributors and care about the value of open source software. All team members double as developers, systems operators, and tech writers.

The team has built, and are responsible for the entire cloud course platform and educational initiative at Cleura. They do everything from designing the courseware and the hands-on labs and implementation, to platform maintenance and improvements. In addition, the team is responsible for all official Cleura documentation.

How does cloud training work?

All our cloud courses alternate solid background information with hands-on work in live environments. There are no talking heads on camera. Instead, our courses focus on textual and graphical information combined with practical labs that give learners immediate feedback.

Our cloud courses are completely self-paced, and we don’t lock you into a course schedule or instructor-driven guidance. Instead, you can learn at your own pace, at a time of your convenience. With us, you take the cloud courses in your browser, without the need to download or install anything.

What makes Cleura Cloud Academy stand out?

What really makes Cleura Cloud academy stand out amongst the cloud course alternatives, is our built-in virtual labs. With few exceptions, primarily due to technical limitations, we include virtual labs and the cloud resources required to run them.

Hands-on learning is essential to requiring a solid skill set. Our cloud courses bring virtual hands-on labs straight to your browser as part of the curriculum. This allows you to deep-dive right into the virtual environment best suited for an optimal learning experience.

Immediate feedback on your cloud training progress

All our hands-on labs have a built-in feedback feature that immediately steers you in the right direction. Our competent educational team has made a point of allowing you to break things with impunity. As a result, our hands-on labs allow you to quickly start over, while learning vital open source cloud technology. As you follow along with the lab instructions you can check your work through an automated process. It tells you if your lab environment is in the desired state, before proceeding to the next step.

Who is Cleura Cloud Academy for?

Our cloud training courses aims at people with an intermediate to advanced background in systems operations, design, or development. Whether you are building distributed storage solutions, cloud, or container infrastructure you’ll probably find a course that matches your needs.

What type of cloud courses does Cleura Cloud Academy offer?

The course catalog covers vital cloud technologies such as OpenStack, Kubernetes, Ceph and Terraform.


As a thank you for making it this far, it is only fair for us to offer something in return.

No matter what other offers we are running over at Cleura Cloud Academy, you’ll save an additional 10% on your total when using this coupon code at checkout. The code can be used once per customer and it expires 2023-06-30.


Beginner cloud courses

OpenStack deployment, API & CLI

OpenStack training – Learn OpenStack Deployment and Operations – Cleura Cloud Academy
Get practical OpenStack training in deployment and operations to understand the basic ideas behind OpenStack and the general structure of the platform.
OpenStack API training – Learn to use the OpenStack API and CLI
Get OpenStack API training and learn how to manage cloud resources according to current industry best practices using the OpenStack API and CLI.

Advanced Cloud Courses

Cloud and Container Orchestration

Terraform training – Learn Container Orchestration with Terraform
Get practical Terraform training and learn learn how to orchestrate and provision containers in an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) environment.
OpenStack Heat training – Advanced OpenStack Orchestration
Get OpenStack Heat training and practical experience through hands-on labs to master advanced OpenStack Orchestration using Heat.

Kubernetes courses

Kubernetes Training – Learn Practical Kubernetes with Gardener
Get practical Kubernetes training and gain experience in open source container orchestration with Gardener in Cleura Cloud.
OpenStack Magnum Training – Cleura Cloud Academy
Get practical OpenStack Magnum training and gain experience in open source container orchestration with OpenStack Magnum in Cleura Cloud.

Distributed storage courses

Ceph Training – Learn Distributed Storage using Ceph
Get practical experience with our Ceph training course and learn the architecture, design, and implementation of the Ceph distributed storage platform.