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Introducing our new range of Compute Instances: Tailored VM profiles for Diverse Computing Needs

December 12, 2023

From a single type of virtual machine (VM) to a set of 4 specialised compute instances designed to meet specific computing needs. Today we are announcing the general availability of three new types of compute instances to complement our generic VMs: Low Latency Disk, High Intensity CPU and GPU (currently in beta).

Understanding VM profiles in Cleura Cloud

VMs are the backbone of modern IaaS and have been available in Cleura cloud as a generic collection of differently sized VMs. Equal in the sense that any profile, no matter how many CPUs and RAM is uses, utilises the same type of hardware as the next. This offers few options to handle increased or different types of workloads, but to add more vCPU and RAM.

But sometimes, throwing more generic VMs or more virtual cores at a task just isn’t good enough or even desired. Maybe you just need faster access to storage or individually faster virtual CPUs for your specific workloads. You might even need GPUs to handle your artificial intelligence workloads.

Our new range of VM profiles offers just that. 4 ways to harness the power of European cloud computing in a way that’s better suited to your specific needs, delivering better performance and efficiency.

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Our New Server Profiles


The faithful servant. A well-rounded VM profile, at a low cost, designed to meet the needs of most standard computing tasks, including web server management, small-to-medium databases and various development environments.

Low Latency Disk

Low latency VM profiles take advantage of a high-speed storage system to dramatically improve system performance. Ideal for applications that require fast and efficient data access.

High Intensity CPU

A compute resource equipped with high-speed processors designed to handle demanding tasks such as database optimisation and complex computational workloads.

GPU (Beta)

Our GPU computing resources feature specialised processors optimised for efficient parallel processing, machine learning and scientific computing.

Choosing the correct compute instance

Selecting the right compute instance depends entirely on your specific needs. Whether you require high CPU power for rendering or a GPU-focused instance for machine learning workloads, our range has you covered.

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