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Hackathon Inspired 55 Bright Minds to Innovate with Cleura

November 21, 2023

Privacy and data protection regulations are key aspects to consider in today’s tech-driven world. As advocates for European Digital Sovereignty and cloud regulatory compliance, we strive to ensure that the ongoing technological transformation doesn’t happen at the expense of the very people it serves. As one small step on our ongoing journey, our 2023 class of Young Talents hosted a hackathon together with Tech Concept Lab and BBI in Karlskrona last week.

The event was attended by 55 students from Hyper Island and Blekinge Institute of Technology. Their task was to use software engineering to develop open source solutions, to innovate ethical business models tailored to the European market, and to use motion design for effective storytelling and prototyping. The participants demonstrated how perceived constraints of regulatory compliance and privacy can actually be catalysts for creativity and innovation which seamlessly with our belief that a sustainable digital future begins with the freedom to innovate.

Amongst the many fine contributions from all of the participants, the winning contribution came from team GrocerEase. The team members earned an interview for an internship position in Cleura’s Young Talent Program, as well as the opportunity to incorporate with financial support and guidance from BBI, catapulting them into BBI’s Startup Program – opening doors to real-world career opportunities.

It was really inspiring to see how the students applied their skills and thinking to real-world challenges. By turning the perceived constraints of compliance into opportunities, these bright minds showed that the future of compliant cloud services in Europe is both necessary and full of potential.

Jesper Bleeke on LinkedIn: We start at 13:00 🕐
We start at 13:00 🕐
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