Container Orchestration

Simplify your container management with Cleura Container Orchestration Engine
Container orchestration automates the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications, improving efficiency, resource utilization, and reliability. Run your application containerisation effortlessly in Cleura Cloud without the complexities of managing the underlying infrastructure.
Create an account and deploy your first Kubernetes cluster in just minutes.
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Container orchestration
v1 clusters:
  - cluster:
      certificate-authority-data: DATA+OMITTED
    name: shoot--p40698--test-cluster
  - context:
      cluster: shoot--p40698--test-cluster
      user: shoot--p40698--test-cluster-token
    name: shoot--p40698--test-cluster
current-context: shoot--p40698--test-cluster
kind: Config
preferences: { }
  - name: shoot--p40698--test-cluster-token
      token: REDACTED

3 key benefits of Cleura Container Orchestration Engine

  • 1
    Cleura Container Orchestration Engine is a comprehensive cloud feature for cloud orchestration, available in both Cleura Public Cloud and Cleura Compliant Cloud.
  • 2
    It seamlessly integrates with Cleura Cloud, offering full control of Kubernetes-conformant clusters and the capability to efficiently scale and manage hundreds or even thousands of them.
  • 3
    Powered by Gardener, Cleura Container Orchestration Engine simplifies container deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications by automating cluster provisioning and lifecycle management.

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Feature-rich Container Orchestration by Cleura

Easily create a cluster through our user-friendly Cleura Cloud Management Panel or API without handling the underlying infrastructure.
Our worker nodes are deployed in the region and project of your choice and communicate securely with the control plane. 
Quickly scale the worker nodes horizontally and/or vertically to meet your needs and even set automatic scaling within a set of rules and limits.

Manage your container with Cleura

Container administration in Cleura Cloud Management Panel or our extensive API lets you create, modify and interact with your Kubernetes clusters with just few clicks.
Container deployment with Cleura Container Orchestration Engine
In Gardener terminology, a Kubernetes cluster is referred to as a Shoot (as in, new plant growth). Fill in the name of your new shoot cluster and select a region to see the rest of the options.
Container automation and maintenance in Cleura Container Orchestration Engine
Enable automatic updates of machine images and Kubernetes versions at a chosen maintenance window or update manually with just a few clicks in the UI.
Container automation and hibernation in Cleura Container Orchestration Engine.
To help control costs, we’ve included options to hibernate your cluster manually or automatically based on a schedule which could come in handy for development clusters.

➜  ~ export KUBECONFIG=~/Downloads/kubeconfig.yaml
➜  ~ kubectl get nodes

shoot--p41801--garden-lv-hpj-z1-84d7d-9g7kw Ready 6d6h v1.26.9
shoot--p41801--garden-lv-hpj-z1-84d7d-fhz69 Ready 6d6h v1.26.9
shoot--p41801--garden-lv-hpj-z1-84d7d-gzbvz Ready 6d6h v1.26.9
➜ ~ kubectl get pods -A 2/2
default ubuntu-deployment-65d5868f77-pw6cv 1/1 Running 3 (15h ago) 4d22h
kube-system apiserver-proxy-lq7kx Running 0 4h33m
kube-system apiserver-proxy-pcqzk 2/2 Running 0 4h33m
kube-system apiserver-proxy-xcvfh 2/2 Running 0 4h33m
kube-system blackbox-exporter-858ffbbb47-5m7dg 1/1 Running 0 6d6h
kube-system blackbox-exporter-858ffbbb47-vmr6l 1/1 Running 0 6d6h
kube-system calico-kube-controllers-78fc95f887-k8csp 1/1 Running 0 4h33m
kube-system calico-node-6njqq 1/1 Running 0 4h33m
Once you have launched a new cluster, you can interact with it using kubectl and a kubeconfig file.

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    In our exploration of container technologies, we found Cleura Container Orchestration Engine remarkably user-friendly compared to other container management solutions. Getting started was as straightforward as creating an account. Informtaion security is essential in our line of business and with Cleura, we are able to do both application containerization and cloud orchestration without sacrifices.

    Overall, our journey with Cleura has been both positive and enlightening.

    Richard Alvegård, CTO at Vitec Appva
    Richard Alvegård, CTO at Vitec Appva

    Explore Cleura container technologies

    With our user-friendly Cleura Cloud Management Panel or API you can effortlessly launch a Kubernetes cluster. Cleura manages the control plane, while you choose the optimal location for your worker nodes. The worker nodes and control plane communicate flawlessly, allowing you to connect and control your cluster using any Kubernetes client.

    With Cleura Container Orchestration Engine you have full control: monitor, modify, upgrade, and scale your cluster directly through our platform.
    Container Orchestration architecture

    Learn more about Container Orchestration

    Explore Cleura Container Orchestration Engine with our comprehensive guides and documentation. Crafted by our dedicated educational team, these step-by-step resources guide both newcomers and seasoned users through the essentials and nuances.

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