Compliant Cloud,
IaaS for heavily regulated industries

The pace of innovation depends on flexible and programmable IT infrastructure. Heavily regulated industries in Europe, such as government agencies, banks and healthcare companies, cannot afford to lose control over their data in a proprietary public cloud.

The EU has made a stand

We have seen a groundbreaking shift in attitude towards European data sovereignty and protection of personal data during the last few years. Europe has made a stand, and governments and businesses have come to understand the risks of relying on cloud infrastructure where information can be accessed, in secret, by third-country authorities.

A prerequisite for innovation

Cloud computing is the very foundation of digital innovation, but innovation does not come automatically through cloud services. It infrastructure needs to be programmable, interoperable, and non-proprietary to give your organization all the prerequisites to innovate. Most importantly, organizations in regulated industries must ensure that their entire technology stack complies with European data protection laws and regulations.

Compliant Cloud is not all about programmable IT infrastructure

Compliant Cloud is not just secure IT infrastructure for enterprises but a complete concept in modern data protection. Programmable IT infrastructure as a service is a prerequisite for digital innovation and there are many such services available in the market today. However, delivering such a service while at the same time enabling European banks, insurance companies, government agencies and other regulatory challenged businesses to follow the law is what makes us stand out.

Compliant Cloud regions

Cleura Compliant Cloud is available from two datacenters in Stockholm, with even more resilience on the way. View our services and regions, where you also find more information about our certifications and adherence.


Use our price calculator to quickly estimate the hourly and monthly costs for your needs. Estimations shown here are based on our Compliant Cloud price list.

Compliant by Cleura

Your organization needs much more than compliant IaaS to succeed with your digitalization journey. Find out more about Compliant by Cleura applications and tools below.

Folksam escalates the pace of innovation with Compliant cloud

"The key criteria in the procurement process was to find a partner that could work with OpenStack, provide us with the necessary scalability, be a costefficient alternative and also adhere to the stringent regulatory demands we have in our industry"

The benefits of Compliant Cloud

Compliant Cloud is a stable ground both technically, in terms of sustainability and cost. With Compliant Cloud, your organisation can focus less on petting servers and more on actually developing your customers digital experience.

Cost efficient Object Storage for your data lakes

Wether you need cloud storage for data lakes, disaster recovery or different business applications, you can easily connect all your data sources to Object Storage and automatically store large volumes of data. Our Object Storage solution supports both AWS S3 APIs and the OpenStack protocol Swift.


Utilise resources efficiently and don't spend time building and re-building complex environments. With Compliant Cloud you can orchestrate your entire IT infrastructure with Heat and automate the entire stack with Terraform, Ansible and other tools.

No lock-in

Compliant Cloud is an OpenStack-based platform which gives you full flexibility and doesn't lock you in. This allows you to scale out in the public clous, connect your private clouds and switch providers at will.

Regulatory compliance

Compliant Cloud ensures that the information you are responsible for is protected, processed and stored according to the rules and regulations that your industry and business falls under.

Tailored agreements

We only use tailored agreements between us to ensure that your challenges and business specific regulations are taken into consideration.


Optimising resources in the cloud makes way for sustainable IT infrastructure.

Hybrid solutions

We would never dream of asking you to put all eggs in the same basket. Instead we encourage and guide you connect and utilise multi cloud solutions.

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