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Growing fast four years in a row!

October 19, 2016

Every year since 2000 the Swedish business daily, Dagens Industri, has listed the fastest growing companies in Sweden, also known as “Gazelles”.

This year we celebrate our fourth Gazelle award!

It’s quite an exclusive group of companies that are appointed this award in the first place, let alone four times in a row and we are very proud to receive it award again. It’s a seal and proof that we are on the right track in so many ways.

The assessments of potential Gazelle companies are based on the companies’ last four annual reports. The conditions that must be met are:

  • A turnover exceeding 10 million
  • At least 10 employees
  • At least a doubled its turnover, when comparing the first and the last fiscal year
  • Increased revenue every year for the past three years
  • A positive operating result for the combined four financial years
  • Essentially organic growth, i.e. not through acquisitions or mergers
  • Sound finances

Back in 2014 some 900 companies in Sweden met the criteria and made the list and in our region, Blekinge County, there were only 6.