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Looking forward to the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona next week!

October 17, 2016

Next week we are attending the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona. For this summit we confirm 4 accepted sessions and we are really excited to meet with the global OpenStack community.

Want to meet up with us at the summit? Contact anyone of us straight away.

Johan Christenson, CEO

Daniel Gustafsson, VP-Business Unit-Compliant Cloud

Daniel Öhberg, VP Operations

Kim Hindart, CSO

Magnus Bergman, Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Tobias Rydberg, Senior Developer

Petter Lund, Support Technician

Our sessions during the summit

Kim Hindart

General Data Protection Regulation is here and it is law so come 25th of May 2018 you better have your things in order or it will hurt you pretty hard. There are severe penalties for breaking GDPR. You are affected even if your company is outside the EU as long as you do business with EU citizens. Cloud is the magic bullet to solving your compliance issues but you need to run it correct to avoid the chopping block. We will look through OpenStack configurations and policies and have a look at what needs to be done and what needs to be changed.

Daniel Gustafsson, City Network & Roger Ewert, Folksam

Late 2015 City Network launched a initiative to build IaaS clouds based on OpenStack for regulated industries with a heavy focus on Bank and Finance. Insurance company Folksam was one of the first customers that started using the servcice. Folksam wanted to change the way the ran thier applications and services. They wanted be able to have a scaleable platform that could easily be deployed thru automation tools like ansible and function with contionues deployments. In this presentation we will cover how this was acomplished.

Magnus Bergman

The intention of the presentation is to give a birds-eye view of networking in Openstack based on the “default” setup with Neutron/Openvswitch. It’s mostly aimed at people familiar with network concepts, but not necessarily with deep Openstack experience.

Kim Hindart

The growing popularity of cloud technologies with an increased degree of cloud-based virtualization creates new challenges for the investigation of cyber attacks and early incident response.

The modern cloud architecture dictates the requirements for the forensic investigation and incident response model should be:

  • Scalable
  • Elastic
  • Easy to integrate and manage (integration with data and control plane)

To address these requirements, the paradigm of Forensics-as-a-Service has been introduced in a number of scientific papers. And digital forensic tools for OpenStack (including the FROST project), have been created to provide trustworthy forensic acquisition of virtual disks, API logs, and guest firewall logs.

See you next week!