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Our CEO, Johan Christenson, appointed Entrepreneur of the year!

April 15, 2019

The Swedish organisation Företagarna has appointed our CEO, Johan Christenson, entrepreneur of the year in Karlskrona.

Företagarna represents over 70 000 Swedish companies and organisations offering networking opportunities, knowledge and practical help. The organisation drives the development of a better entrepreneurial climate in Sweden to ensure that businesses have the right prerequisites to reach their goals.

“In a world of ones and zeroes, the entrepreneur of the year has focused in on data protection – not just in Karlskrona but across the globe.

Through Johan Christenson, the company really sticks its neck out and gives global players such as Microsoft and Google a run for their money by offering a local alternative. With a large portfolio of services, many Swedish companies trust and rely on City Network with their entire IT operations”



Local news article (Swedish)