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Proud organiser of the first ever OpenStack Days Nordic

October 4, 2016

On September 22 we met with the Nordic OpenStack community in Stockholm at the first OpenStack Days Nordic event. It was an event that we have been working on during the past 7 months and which we organised together with op5.

More than 300 guests arrived at The Brewery on this Thursday morning to listen to keynotes by members of the OpenStack Foundation and CERN as well as many break-out sessions by selected speakers from the OpenStack community.

We are very proud to be part of the continued success of OpenStack in the nordics and believe that this event sparked many thoughts and ideas that the nordic community can build upon. Revealing the outline of usage, deployments and companies invested was another big achievement that we believe will prove valuable moving forward.


I started working on this project back in February of 2016 when Tom Fifield, Community Manager at OpenStack Foundation, visited Stockholm. During that meeting we discussed the state of the Nordic OpenStack community and the need to activate, nurture and grow. One thing we discussed was the fact that the Nordic region, albeit technically skilled and innovative in may areas, had yet to embrace OpenStack at scale. Or at least nobody was talking about their OpenStack journey – we had heard rumours of deployments and tests here and there but apart from the company I’m working for, I only knew of a handful of other companies who were invested in OpenStack in the Nordic region. So perhaps all we needed was a catalyst to get a better view of who’s doing what, who’s involved and where the community is heading. Bringing the OpenStack Days franchise to the Nordics has certainly made an impact in the community and working with the event has been quite the journey. Im very proud of this accomplishment and both amazed and thankful for all the support we have had along the way.

/Özgür Bal, VP-Marketing, City Network


All the keynotes and and track sessions were recorded and are available on our Youtube Channel and at