Compliant Cloud

Technical details

This is how we build each of our compliant zones

The data center

We only choose data center partners who, just like us, can live up to internationally recognised standards for quality, data protection and sustainability. In addition, the data centers we use all have specific perimeter protection systems, backup systems and other measures fit for heavily regulated industries.


The entire chain of data protection must always stay intact, from the data center and it's connections to personnel who have access to the facilities and systems. Not only is our physical locations and services certified but our staff is too. This allows our personnel to administer the systems containing financial, health and government data.

Compliant Cloud

When all necessary and optional layers of protection is in place, our customers can benefit from a full-fledged IaaS with built in regulatory compliance. Thanks to its security measures and specific logging, our clients can use our IaaS and continue to follow their industry specific rules and regulations for data protection.