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How Miljödata is Using Cleura Public Cloud to Improve Workplace Health and Safety

January 30, 2023

The Swedish company Miljödata is using Cleura Public Cloud to help 90,000 managers in Sweden achieve a healthy work environment. The company delivers process support systems for human resources and health-related issues to customers in both the public and private sectors, with 80 percent of Sweden’s municipalities using their services.

Miljödata’s Process Support Systems in High Demand

Miljödata delivers process support systems for human resources and health-related issues, with 80 percent of Sweden’s municipalities using their services and over one million employees connected to their systems. The company’s products cover all areas of systematic work environment and include support for rehabilitation, occupational injury and compensation systems, absence and attendance reporting and personnel note systems.

We are an innovation-driven organization working with technology development. But our focus should be to develop the best possible system support for our customers’ work environment management.

Erik Hallén – CEO, Miljödata

Cleura enables innovation without sacrificing data privacy

The company has delivered its systems as web-based solutions since the early 2000s. With increased data volumes and requirements for security, redundancy, and compliance, Miljödata turned to Cleura for their IT operations to ensure these needs are met while freeing up time to focus on developing their own solutions. By doing so, Miljödata has attracted new and larger customers.

By using Cleura’s object storage service, we have enabled our customers to store more data and information in their systems. By having more data, and all in one place, customers are more empowered to act on the information they collect. In this way, they have a better basis for systematic work environment management, which in turn creates the conditions for healthier organizations,” .

Erik Hallén – CEO, Miljödata

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Customer case – Miljödata
Customer Case: The Swedish company Miljödata relies on Cleura for 90,000 managers’ health and safety work.