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Covid-19 update

March 24, 2020

Dear City Network customer.

We are in for a real challenge. The global spread of the COVID-19 virus has an impact on all of us and in times like these we all need to try even harder to be the best versions of ourselves. I truly believe that it is an important reminder, for myself as well as for others.

I’d like to start by stressing the importance of adhering to the instructions provided by your health and safety authorities in regards to the virus. This is vital for everyone, including the employees at City Network and as of Friday, March 13, all City Network employees are working remotely.

During the last two weeks, we have seen the evident need for digital infrastructure. This is a testimony to the importance of the digital transformation we have all been going through during the last decade.

As a provider of the very foundation of the digital transformation, we are well prepared. Let me specifically talk about the investments we have made to certify our company according to ISO 22301, an internationally recognised certification process to ensure business continuity.

This certification means that all our roles, lines of succession, way of work, systems, connections, dependencies and risk assessments have been scrutinised to make sure that our ability to deliver our services are not affected in situations like these. We have practised different scenarios, including not having access to our offices in preparation for events such as these. Today I am very pleased that we took the time and effort to go through the certification process as this enables us to continue to deliver our services according to plan.

If you have any questions regarding business continuity or remote work, we are happy to share our knowledge. Both from the technical and personnel perspectives. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your main point of contact at City Network, we are here to help.

Together we will overcome this situation and ensure the continuity of people, businesses and communities alike.

Johan Christenson
City Network International AB