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A recap of CloudBeer Stockholm

April 4, 2023

Last week, we hosted the first CloudBeer event in many years, bringing together industry experts, thought leaders and passionate individuals to discuss open source and digital sovereignty

We are incredibly grateful to all who attended, contributed, and shared their insights. For those who couldn’t make it, we’ve got you covered.

Event Highlights

CloudBeer Stockholm featured a lineup of four speakers, each presenting unique perspectives and invaluable knowledge on the topics of open source and digital sovereignty.

André Catry

Renowned IT security expert and award-winning author André Catry delivered a riveting talk on digital sovereignty. Drawing from his extensive experience as a Senior Advisor in IT/information security and cyber risk, Catry shed light on data control and its pivotal role in national security. In his presentation, Catry argued that having access to a nation’s data equates to controlling that nation, as he underscored that the US has control over most of Sweden’s national data.

To raise awareness and spark vital conversations about digital sovereignty, Catry has written fiction books incorporating his knowledge, reaching a wider audience and shedding light on these pressing issues. We treated all our guests to a signed copy of Catry’s first book called “Honungsapan.”

Watch the full talk by André Catry:

Arman Borghem and Johan Christenson

Cloud regulatory and Compliance Advisor Arman Borghem delivered an enlightening talk on the diverse approaches Swedish public sector organizations have taken in adopting cloud services. He explored the reasons behind these differences and discussed the government’s recent proposals to amend the law. He was also joined by Johan Christenson, an avid digital sovereignty advocate and the founder of Cleura, to help answer questions covering the European perspective on the same topics.

Watch the full talk by Arman Borghem and Johan Christenson:

Lars Larsson

Senior Cloud Architect Lars Larsson discussed the growing role of open-source software in digital sovereignty. He highlighted the increasing standardization of cloud service consumption, enabling companies and public authorities to choose their server location and provider, including smaller, all-European options while maintaining access to top-notch technical platforms. Larsson emphasized that open-source solutions like Kubernetes have become a powerful tool, akin to David’s slingshot, in taking on the Goliaths of the cloud industry.

Watch the full talk by Lars Larsson:

Thank you!

We are incredibly proud of the success of our event and grateful to everyone who contributed to its success. We hope the recordings and resources we’ve shared will enable even more people to benefit from the wealth of knowledge and insights presented. We look forward to hosting more CloudBeer events in the future, and we hope to see you there!

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