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Adda Inköpscentral signs volume agreement with Cleura

September 7, 2023
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The European cloud, Cleura, and Adda Inköpscentral (Central Purchasing Body of Sweden) have signed a volume agreement for software and cloud services. The deal covers all Cleuras cloud services: Cleura Public Cloud, Cleura Compliant Cloud, and the company’s private cloud services. Municipalities and regions connected to Adda Inköpscentral can now order Cleuras cloud services via framework agreement suppliers. The new agreement concluded with Cleura aims to make it easier for municipalities and regions to continue digitalization and maintain responsible personal data management.

The agreement runs until further notice and is the first that Adda Inköpscentral has entered with a Swedish supplier in the contract area of software and cloud services. The deal means that Cleura has made several commitments in data protection issues and offered municipalities and regions better prices. The agreement will make it easier for cities and regions to conduct risk and impact analyses when handling personal data.

Cleura is a Swedish company whose cloud services for digital infrastructure operate from data centers in Sweden. Thus, the company is subject only to European data protection laws and regulations. The cloud services ensure that all customer data is managed and stored within Europe under the GDPR and the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (OSL).

“The agreement with Adda Inköpscentral enables the public sector to take advantage of the cloud’s opportunities for digital innovation while protecting their data,” says Jim Johansson, CEO of Cleura

He continues.  

“With the agreement, the Swedish public sector shows that they take the issue of digital sovereignty very seriously. We look forward to helping Swedish municipalities and regions in their digitalization”.

Background to the agreement

Volume contracts for the Swedish public sector have existed since 2005. From focusing solely on specific commercial terms, data protection issues have become increasingly important. In 2021, Adda Inköpscentral declined a new volume contract with Microsoft, citing uncertainties about personal data management and current legislation.

About Adda Inköpscentral 

Adda Inköpscentral is owned by the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKR) and offers the public sector framework agreements and services in strategic and sustainable supply that make everyday life easier for our customers, free up resources for welfare and contribute to a sustainable society. For more information, visit

About Cleura

Cleura is the European cloud, offering fully automated digital infrastructure services for companies that want to innovate without sacrificing data privacy. By delivering compliant and secure infrastructure technology built on open-source, Cleura provides organizations with a sustainable foundation for innovation with complete control over their data. As a part of Iver, Cleura is headquartered in Sweden with cloud zones across the world. For more information, please visit

For more information, please contact:
Jim Johansson, CEO, Cleura
+46 70 912 12 00