European Cloud Services

We provide scalable and cost-effective cloud services. With our public cloud platform, you get instant access to cloud computing power and cloud storage with complete control of where and how your data is stored.

We offer cloud computing power with built-in regulatory compliance for industries operating under specific regulations. Our Managed services span all our operations and allow you to build Public, Private, and Hybrid cloud solutions at scale.

Folksam escalates the pace of innovation with Compliant cloud

"The key criteria in the procurement process was to find a partner that could work with OpenStack, provide us with the necessary scalability, be a costefficient alternative and also adhere to the stringent regulatory demands we have in our industry"

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SBAB increases speed and customer value

We feel City Network provides cutting edge technical solutions that contribute added value to SBAB, with a strong focus on sustainable IT and a high level of security awareness, as well as with great proactivity and innovation that are available to both us and our customers in everyday situations

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Clavister to use City Cloud in cloud-based cybersecurity offering

City Network has a unique position in the market. It has services that offer quality comparable to the US giants, which was a precondition. But it also has processes in place and a thorough security approach that is completely unique in Europe. For us, City Network was therefore the only European alternative that also offers the advantages of a small company in the form of opportunities for close collaboration. Clavister greatly values all of these benefits

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