We discuss, analyze, and educate in the field of information security. Our aim is to touch on all subjects, from compliance and new laws to current cases, leadership, and business culture.

About the podcast

In The [InfoSec] Stack, we analyze current events and cases, share our experience in IT security, leadership, and workplace culture. We also discuss how new privacy laws and directives affect both businesses and individuals.

What is information security? What are the requirements for regulatory compliance, and what does it mean? Are there any new laws that will affect our continued ability to drive digital transformation? Why will business culture be a decisive factor in making our IT strategy work?

Many things affect our digital stack right now, and it is not always easy to know how to act. If you also find this a bit challenging, this is the podcast for you.

4:36 min – Information security and compliance


Compliant Office and all infrastructure on which the service rests, ISO certificates and security processes are designed based on European legislation and compliance. With Compliant Office, you can be sure that your information:

Stored in security-classified data centers within the EU

Only processed by a company based in Europe

Administered by security-classified personnel within the EU

Protected by EU data law

Is out of reach of authorities outside the EU

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