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Cloud Networking

Cloud networking features are essential to any virtual server. Therefore, we have included a wide range of networking capabilities in our cloud services. As a result, you can easily handle regional networking, routing, VPN, and load balancing either from Cleura Cloud Management Panel or API.

The core networking features provided in our cloud services are powered by OpenStack Neutron.

Provisioning of cloud networking

Our robust networking features can be provisioned straight from Cleura Cloud Management Panel or through the OpenStack API. For instance, you can attach and detach floating IPs to your cloud instances. Similarly, you can create load balancers and visually plan your network infrastructure across our zones globally. In conclusion, you can manage your entire cloud stack and its network features from one single interface. In addition, you can automatically build, take down and re-build your entire cloud network with our APIs and orchestration tools.

Virtual networks

Virtual routers


Floating IP's

Load balancing


Architectural overview

Cleura Cloud Management Panel gives you a good overview of your network architecture. You can edit and adjust your local and regional network settings and routers on the fly, saving both time and resources.


Attach and detach floating IPs between virtual servers. Create VPN services with one click. Capacity planning and re-routing have never been easier.

Distribution on a global scale

Setting up load balancing instances between different virtual machines, zones or providers is a matter of a few clicks. Above all, you can handle everything from one single interface.