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Intuitive Cloud Management and Governance

A powerful and capable cloud platform needs a robust management panel and governance tools. We meet those requirements with our Cleura Cloud Management Panel and orchestrations tools to allow for speed, flexibility, and reliability in your day-to-day work when building and maintaining your cloud infrastructure.

Cloud management that puts you in control

Cleura Cloud Management Panel gives you a good overview of your virtual infrastructure components. It allows you to build, scale and maintain your entire stack in one single interface. Monitoring of your virtual machines is included and allows you to keep tabs och virtually any other machine or web service on the internet simultaneously. Orchestration is powered by OpenStack Heat which allows you to programmatically design and launch your entire cloud infrastructure with code.

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The benefits of Cleura cloud management

Cleura Cloud Management Panel

All the features you need to maintain your cloud infrastructure in one single, intuitive interface.

Do more with powerful APIs

Cleura is capable of much more than meets the eye in our cloud management panel for the advanced user. Being built on OpenStack, it natively has all of the features included in each installed OpenStack project. Our project matrix outlines each of the projects that we have available.

Save on time and resources

There is no need to go through the tedious task of building any complex environment more than once. Design your baseline with code and launch it automatically in our cloud management panel. Over and over again.