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Finance sector driving City Network’s expansion in Sweden

September 5, 2018
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City Network, a leading global public cloud provider, is opening its third data center in Sweden with the expansion of an additional node for its IaaS, City Cloud, in Stockholm. The expansion reflects substantial local demand for City Network’s service for companies with stringent regulatory compliance requirements, City Cloud Compliant Cloud.

“Regulatory requirements faced by companies are constantly on the increase, at the same time as the transformation toward digitalized business processes requires scalable and programable IT infrastructure. The combination of these demands is fueling our growth in Sweden with this third data center,” says Johan Christenson, CEO and founder of City Network.

City Network, which provides public and private cloud services and cloud services for organizations with rigorous demands on regulatory compliance, already has data centers in Sweden, one in Stockholm and one in Karlskrona. The new data center will initially offer City Cloud Compliant Cloud and private cloud services.

Demand from customers in banking and financial services, including fintech, means the company is now opening an additional node for these services. Strict requirements for low latency, and strong demands on innovation, are significant for the bank and financial services industry. The new City Cloud node in Stockholm addresses this, and combined with a high level of security, customers can operate business-critical applications in the cloud with a local alternative and with full local redundancy. Two data centers in one location in combination with a back-up data center further away in Sweden – enables the operation of all types of applications. The global data centers from Los Angeles to Frankfurt to Tokyo are also directly connected.

As with other City Cloud nodes, the company’s services will use the open platform OpenStack.

“The Swedish market for IT infrastructure services has matured and many organizations now have a cloud strategy where they use a number of different providers and services. Our focus in this market is to continue to deliver IT infrastructure based on open source that promotes and drives a multi-cloud strategy. This allows us to provide the flexibility and scalability our customers want as they can always use the best combinations of both dedicated IaaS and container services from one and the same open platform,” concludes Johan Christenson.