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Compliant Cloud brings speed and innovation to regulated industries – doubled in size during 2019

November 20, 2019
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City Network, a leading global supplier of cloud services based on OpenStack, today announced strong growth figures for the company’s cloud service for organizations with high requirements for security and regulatory compliance. The City Network service, Compliant Cloud, is developed for regulated industries with specific requirements regarding who have user access to the data, how the data is managed and where it is stored. Compliant Cloud allows these industries to maintain their speed and pace of innovation by taking full advantage of a regulatory compliant cloud infrastructure.

– We made a strategic decision to develop an IT infrastructure service that provides the same benefits as any public cloud service in terms of scalability and flexibility, but is tailored to the specific requirements, laws and regulations that govern the European market. Our goal is that any organisation, regulated or not, shall be able to take advantage of digitalization and work with innovation. To ensure this, a scalable cloud service is absolutely crucial, says Johan Christenson, CEO and founder of City Network.

In 2019, the number of users of the service has doubled, which is also directly reflected in the amount of data being processed in Compliant Cloud. The organizations that use Compliant Cloud are found in a variety of industries including the banking and finance sector, security as well as in the manufacturing industry. Many of the customers also have the public sector as their target group, a sector where data management requirements are often highly regulated.

– The complexity in our world is increasing with new laws and regulations. In the last two years alone, we have seen new regulations and laws such as GDPR, Cloud Act and a new data protection law in Sweden. In this complex world, we are a secure European alternative who create opportunities for our customers to carry out their digital transformation journey in a safe and efficient manner. The big interest in Compliant Cloud is a good proof of that, says Johan Christenson.

Similar to City Networks public IaaS, City Cloud, Compliant Cloud is based on the open platform OpenStack. This reduces the lock-in effect and provides all the advantages of an open platform including high security, traceability and automation. The service is available through two data centers in Stockholm, one in Karlskrona and one in Frankfurt. The company expects to increase its presence and launch more Compliant Cloud nodes in 2020.

Customers can choose to run their entire infrastructure in Compliant Cloud, or use it as a hybrid solution combined with their own or outsourced data center. Customers pay for the capacity they currently use in the same way as in the public cloud. In addition, there is a start-up cost as City Network manually qualifies the customers to use the service.

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