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E-health company Evimeria chooses City Network for secure patient journal processing in the cloud

February 24, 2021
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City Network, a leading global supplier of cloud services based on OpenStack, announced today that e-health company Evimeria EMR AB has selected Compliant Cloud, the company’s cloud service for heavily regulated industries, for its continued expansion.

Evimeria develops, sells and delivers e-health services for the Nordic healthcare sector. The core of the offering is its Webdoc journal system and the platform Vårdrummet – a digital tool for communication between healthcare providers and patients. These are delivered as cloud services and, as a part of its expansion of the business and development of the product portfolio and its functionality, Evimeria has chosen City Network and Compliant Cloud for its new digital infrastructure.

Evimeria’s mission is to deliver modern and scalable digital healthcare tools. High availability and security are the linchpins of our delivery and with City Network’s cloud service we now have the platform we need to continue our journey of growth and deliver modern, scalable e-health services. At the same time, we’re ensuring that all patient data is protected and that our system has a high degree of availability,” says Dennis Höjer, CEO of Evimeria.

As an operator in the healthcare industry, it is critical that patient data processed by Evimeria’s services is protected, used and archived according to the legislative requirements and rules established specifically for the sector, and complies with GDPR regulations in the EU. Compliant Cloud, which is a cloud service for digital infrastructure with built-in regulatory compliance, addresses all of the strict data protection laws within the EU.

“There is a widespread need in the healthcare industry to increase the digital flow and to open digital and automated communication paths for patients. At the same time, patient security is subject to strict requirements, which in turn places demands on the digital infrastructure. To find a solution to the problem, Evimeria has used these challenges as a departure point in its business, building world-class e-health services. Naturally we’re proud to be a part of their solution,” concludes Johan Christenson, CEO and founder of City Network.

About Evimeria EMR AB

Evimeria EMR offers digital services to Nordic healthcare companies, primarily within outpatient specialist care, primary care, occupational health services and paramedical services. Operations are built on a vision of patient-focused care with minimal administration, and the core of the product catalog is the proprietary Webdoc journal system and the platform Vårdrummet – a digital tool for communication between healthcare providers and patients. Evimeria currently has 55 employees and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Carasent ASA, which is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

About City Network

City Network is a leading global supplier of IT infrastructure cloud services based on OpenStack. The company delivers public, compliant and private clouds.

City Network is certified according to ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, 27010, 27013, 27017 and 27018 – internationally recognized standards for quality, sustainability and information security. The company’s services are available from more than 20 data centers around the world. With its Compliant Cloud, City Network ensures that customers adhere to demands originating from specific laws and regulations concerning auditing, reputability, data handling and data security, such as Basel, Solvency and GDPR. City Network is a part of Iver. 

For more information, please contact:

Johan Christenson, CEO and founder, City Network, a part of Iver

Dennis Höjer, CEO, Evimeria
+46 733 28 49 22